What do we do?

We develop financial analysis web tools for investors. Within the company, the accent is put on research and innovation.

What do we offer?

Our experts system brings you an immediate, automatic and clear diagnosic on trading opportunity : valuation exercices, financial audit, technical analysis, market sentiment, risk measures and synthetic report. Get an exhaustive analysis on thousands of listed companies and retain only performing trading ideas.

Our Mission
  • Independant research
  • Instant diagnosis and crystal clear opinion
  • Enhance the performance
  • Minimize the risk
  • Find performing trading ideas

Here are some of our most demanded tools


Buy? Hold? Sell?

Thanks to the extended report, stock market becomes child's play! Our Report module gives you a complete analysis tool system.

  • Extended valuations
  • Full market outlook and prospects
  • New generation technical analysis
  • In-depth financial auditing
  • Broad risk analysis


Are there any signals for my shares?

The technical analysis tools enhance your daily perfomances. Our new generation platform for technical analysis is an exclusive and dynamic tool that helps investors with their investment decisions.

  • Diagnosis and next probable scenario
  • Automatic supports & resistances
  • Strategies and filtering
  • Lists / portfolio tracking
  • Analysis sharing


Stock Market knowledge shared!

Publish and archive your analysis. Network is an independent publication module for recommendations. The module creates a virtual community space where users can:

  • Publish advice
  • Share with the community
  • Look for advice
  • Participate in a compétition
  • Track the gurus

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